mate Care & Repair

Your toothbrush forever

Das mate Care & Repair Abo sichert Deine neue Schallzahnbürste zusätzlich ab. Hier findest Du die Bedingungen des Abos.

Free exchange

Directly a new toothbrush

If your toothbrush is defective, we will send you a new one immediately. After you receive it, you can return your defective one to us.

Prio customer service

Your request. Processed in minutes.

If you ever have a question, you will receive priority customer support from us. We will answer you within one business day.

New batteries

Full battery power. Forever.

With the mate, you can clean for up to 8 weeks without recharging. But every battery wears out over time. With mate Care & Repair you always clean with full power.


Your subscription. Your control.

  • Cancelable at any time
  • Accidental damage included
  • No more research for new toothbrushes

Frequently asked questions

How much does the mate Care & Repair subscription cost?

You get full protection for your sonic toothbrush for EUR 4.90 per month.

What is the minimum contract period?

The minimum contract period is one month.

When can I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. The cancellation takes place at the end of the current contract month.

Can I take out the "mate Care & Repair" subscription at a later date?

The "mate Care & Repair" product is a subscription that can only be purchased together with a mate sonic toothbrush. A subsequent purchase is not possible.

Do I really always get a new toothbrush when I want?

Almost. You will always receive a new toothbrush if it is defective. To avoid misuse, you are entitled to two changes per year.

My question is not answered here...

Please have a look at the mate Care & Repair terms and conditions or send us a message in the chat or via the contact form.